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Being in the mortgage industry for the past 18 years, I have
knowledge and experience you need to feel confident about a
mortgage transaction. Let me be your credit detective and
guide you through the what to do and what not do when
purchasing a home. I will crunch the numbers to find an
affordable mortgage payment for the home you desire or make
your current home affordable. I will work for you as a trusted
Mortgage Advisor so you feel confident when you sign on a
offer to purchase a home or you’re refinancing current

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Difference between hard and soft credit pulls?

I have clients wondering all the time why their credit score is different when they look at an online source vs. when I pull it. Learn how by listening to this video by Tricia Parker.  #credit #creditscoring #mycreditguy
#mortgage #creditmentor … Questions about credit contact me.
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Credit is confusing! I have a lot of clients who apply for a home loan with me and some are horrified to find that the scores I pull might be 20,30, sometimes even 70 points different than what they saw via an online source or credit monitoring. First let me tell you this, I don’t benefit from you not qualifying for a home loan, haha! I want each of you to have the highest credit scores possible so that we can get your deal done. However, there is a reason that the scores you see from a bank (or me) will be significantly different than the ones you pull online. Take 3 minutes to watch this video and then let me know if you have questions about your credit OR if you’re ready to start
the mortgage process. ”